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City Council Approves HUPEG Plan

There will be new blend of sports and entertainment injecting to the beleaguered downtown precinct very soon.

In the day of the Ambitious City turning 175, the city council unanimously approved the Masters Agreement with the Hamilton Urban Precinct Entertainment Group (HUPEG).

According to the press release from the city, the HUPEG ownership of First Ontario Centre, First Ontario Concert Hall, Hamilton Convention Centre and Art Gallery of Hamilton will be official effective April 1, 2022.

The plan is for HUPEG to first start renovating the 35-year-old facility (FirstOntario Centre) in Fall 2022. After the completion of FOC, the other three facilities will undergo construction.

“The Precinct Group’s proposed minimum $50 million renovation of the FirstOntario Centre includes a new exterior façade and video board, comprehensive transformation of the lower bowl, expanded concourse level, and a new flexible curtaining system for the upper bowl balcony,” stated on the release.

In addition to the renovations, HUPEG acquires two major parking lots at York Blvd and Vine Street, and the Community Living Hamilton building on 191 York.

According to city council, it is stated with the agreement, the city will save $155 Million dollars in a 30 year span.

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