My Experience With COVID-19

For over two years, I devoted myself to keep healthy and avoid unnecessary risks to get the world’s contagious illness – COVID-19. I sticked to my pandemic regimen in not getting into enormous crowds in specific places that I can control my environment. For the longest time, I adapt and done well to the new normal.

On the weekend preceding April 4, 2022, the streak halted. I developed a sore throat during the evening hours of Saturday, April 2, but upon testing via Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test early Sunday, I tested negative. Feeling well to attend the Bulldogs game, I came to the arena presumably symptom-free. I was invited to attend a post-game dinner with my friends during the game, which I accepted.

When walking to the restaurant, there was an odd running nose, but nothing else as I was still feeling ok to attend dinner. But it was at the halfway mark of the dinner at Prince Eddy in Barton Street East was my first feeling of illness. Sudden fatigue, throat issues were the first culprits, and I made a decision to head home. Afterwards, I began to withdrawal and had a rough overnight sleeping.

Out of consciousness, I decided to take another RAT at 8:45 am. The result was alarming, as I was tested positive for the coronavirus. Given the significance of the two results in a 24-hour span, I scheduled and attended a COVID PCA testing, to which resulted a positive result. Within the next 24 hours, I informed my projected close contacts to seek and monitor any symptoms as they were initially exposed. Thankfully everyone was in good spirits.

For the next five days (isolation period per orders from Hamilton Public Health), I kept myself secluded downstairs for most of the days. Luckily for me, I was doing schoolwork and it helped me keep a straight path. Despite the mild symptoms of dry cough, sore throat and a running nose, I managed to still eat and drink fluids without issue, which it was a huge thing.

After my isolation period ended, I gradually resumed my normal routine around the house and kept distance from my relative as a precaution. The message to everyone is this….for anyone who doubted COVID, it is nothing to mess with. Although it has the equivalency of a flu, the effects are still consequential, given my preexisting diabetes. It can happen to anyone who followed the guidelines.

Please be considerate and wear a mask.