2021 Hamilton Bulldogs Hamilton Bulldogs

Bulldogs Season Schedule Revealed

The Ontario Hockey League and the Hamilton Bulldogs unveiled their 2021-22 season schedule Tuesday afternoon.

The schedule features a full slate of 68 games, mostly playing within the conference, and some intra-conference tilts against teams within the geographical region. Beginning October 8, the Bulldogs start their sixth season in Oshawa taking on their rival Generals. Hamilton returns to the Hammer the following night (October 9) to face the Barrie Colts at the FirstOntario Centre.

Another notable game to watch will be the return of School Day game, when the Bulldogs host the Mississauga Steelheads on March 3. The regular season concludes April 3 at home ice against the Peterborough Petes.

Season tickets are on sale now via Hamilton Bulldogs website. For more information on the schedule, go to the following link…. Bulldogs 2021 Schedule

2021 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Stephen Retires

Former Hamilton Tiger-Cats Defensive Back Courtney Stephen announced his retirement Thursday.

A consummate professional and devoted community man, the Brampton, Ontario native spent seven of his eight seasons with the Ticats, played 113 games and nine career postseason games with Hamilton and the Calgary Stampeders. Stephen tallied 274 total tackles, two Quarterback sacks, 12 interceptions and seven forced fumbles.

Stephen was the 2012 Jake Gaudaur Veterans Award nominee.

2021 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Ticats Releases Watford

Quarterback David Watford was released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats today.

The third-down, short-yardage specialist played 12 regular season and two postseason games with the Black and Gold in 2019. Watford scored six rushing touchdowns, tied for sixth in the Canadian Football League rushing touchdowns, and was the team’s TD rushing leader.

2021 Hamilton Bulldogs Hamilton Bulldogs

Pharand Commits to Bulldogs

The Hamilton Bulldogs received a Standard Player’s Agreement with their 2021 OHL Draft first round selection Alex Pharand.

The Sudbury native was chosen 14th overall in this past OHL Priority Selection Draft. Pharand scored 22 goals and 18 assists in 27 games for the Sudbury Nickel City Sons U16 AAA in the 2019-20 season.

Rock City Rock Lacrosse

Rock Retains Eleven Ahead of NLL Expansion Draft

On the day of the current NLL clubs sending a list of protected players ahead of the Panther City Expansion Draft, Toronto Rock has retained 12 players.

The players obtained in the protective list by the club were as follows…

Goaltender Nick Rose

Defence Challen Rogers, Mitch De Snoo, Latrell Harris, Brad Kri, Adam Jay, Josh Jubenville, and Jason Noble

Forwards Rob Hellyer, Tom Schreiber, Zach Manns and Dan Craig

In total, Toronto keeps four Fowards, seven Defence, and one goaltender.

The draft will take place June 29th. Panther City will be playing its inaugural season in the fall at Fort Worth, Texas.

After the draft, the next major date on the league schedule is August 1 as the league’s Free Agency opens.

2021 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

CFL Is Officially Back

Only time will tell in the next several months, but Monday June 14, 2021 will forever be the day the Canadian Football League returns.

An unanimous Board of Governors vote sealed the league’s return to action, effective August 5. Under the revised Collective Agreement with the League’s player’s association, the CFLPA, Training Camp will start on July 10.

Within a hour after the league announcement, the Ontario Government approved the CFL Return To Play material. The ruling means the Ontario CFL clubs are allowed to train under protocols agreed to from the government.

In regards to the fans, provinces in the West and Quebec will most likely see reduced capacity to begin the 14-week campaign. Ontario is most likely to start allowing fans by Labour Day at the earliest where the Tiger-Cats and their archival counterparts from the 403 renewed hostilities in the Labour Day Classic.

The Grey Cup will be played on December 12 in Hamilton.

Hamilton Bulldogs Rock City

City Council Approves HUPEG Plan

There will be new blend of sports and entertainment injecting to the beleaguered downtown precinct very soon.

In the day of the Ambitious City turning 175, the city council unanimously approved the Masters Agreement with the Hamilton Urban Precinct Entertainment Group (HUPEG).

According to the press release from the city, the HUPEG ownership of First Ontario Centre, First Ontario Concert Hall, Hamilton Convention Centre and Art Gallery of Hamilton will be official effective April 1, 2022.

The plan is for HUPEG to first start renovating the 35-year-old facility (FirstOntario Centre) in Fall 2022. After the completion of FOC, the other three facilities will undergo construction.

“The Precinct Group’s proposed minimum $50 million renovation of the FirstOntario Centre includes a new exterior façade and video board, comprehensive transformation of the lower bowl, expanded concourse level, and a new flexible curtaining system for the upper bowl balcony,” stated on the release.

In addition to the renovations, HUPEG acquires two major parking lots at York Blvd and Vine Street, and the Community Living Hamilton building on 191 York.

According to city council, it is stated with the agreement, the city will save $155 Million dollars in a 30 year span.

Rock City

Toronto Rock to Hamilton

An iconic, big-name Canadian lacrosse franchise heads back to where it all began.

Last week, the Toronto Rock announced the team is moving to Hamilton. The six-time National Lacrosse League champions will be playing in the First Ontario Centre, effective 2021-22 season.

The news broke Tuesday night via Twitter during the team’s town hall session, and officially announced to the public by team owner Jamie Dawick the following day.

If you are a fair-weathered, casual sports fan, this announcement may not strike as significant as to those who long supported the franchise. The reaction to the move was mixed, but when Dawick mentioned the team will remain Toronto Rock, the social media buzz was mostly negative.

Let’s put it out this way, if you are a Hamiltonian who is familiar with sports, Toronto is the Zod to Hamilton’s Superman. After all, Toronto is the metropolis of Canada, while Hamilton is the underdog city with the national perception equivalent of Rodney Dangerfield. As much as Dawick is invested in promoting the brand in the region, the team name citing as Toronto Rock isn’t a long term stability initiative.

A name change from Toronto Rock to The Rock or Rock City would be ideal if Dawick and the team public relations department wants this brand to survive with efficient support from the Hamilton area. This is not the kind of city or part of the region Dawick wants to alienate.

Just like I gave OHL Hamilton Bulldogs owner Michael Andlauer a chance to integrate the fanbase into the OHL over pro hockey (which turned out well), I’ll give Dawick at least two years to materialize the product. After all, this is the franchise with a loaded roster ready to compete for the 7th league championship next season.

Rock-Hamilton Announcement

Political Affairs

My perspective on Donald Trump

In less than two weeks from now, the 45th President of the United States will leave the White House, marking the end of a tumultuous tenure.

Donald Trump was elected in 2016 with intent to “drain the swamp”, and “build the wall”. What he completed in his four years as president was marred by incompetence and disarray by himself and his staff.

Endless factual issues, nonsensical commentary, and lack of self-containment has put Trump into the conversation of the most controversial political figure in the generation.

Don’t get me wrong, Trump is a guy that will “talk like it is” without the filter. His showdowns with mainstream media giants CNN, NBC amongst others are must see TV, for those who addictive to reality television.

Speaking of mainstream media, they shouldn’t be immune to what they covered during the Trump presidency. They got caught several times with misinformation, inflicted commentary.

To be fair, the journalism sector has been tainted with the overwhelming contingency of commentators whose agenda is to push own narrative rather than expressing both angles. Fox News is included in the conversation as well.

The Democrats were a pain in Trump’s side, but they were just as guilty as the GOP on how they governed the country. The leadership from both parties need to change in the coming years or the most powerful country in the world will be cease to exist.

There were a few good things Trump did during his tenure. He and his staff made peace deals with the Middle East, kept North Korea on notice, and created jobs for the American people.

But when it came to racism, social issues, and COVID-19, Trump’s bruising, selfish ego got the best of the government, and millions of the country’s citizens paid dearly.

Furthermore, Trump’s response to those matters has been below par, and it fuelled the mainstream media’s indulgence to scrutinize the president in every turn.

I believe with the Biden-Harris era beginning, hopefully the media will be more transparent and less indulging on ones party. We need the U-S to be accurate and fair. It will take time, but the world needs their superpower to be more coherent.

The Trump presidency was, in all self honesty, a revolving spectacle much of the world would like to forget. May god help the Americans be better to one another.

Political Affairs

Take on the U-S

Here is my take regarding the recent racism-related incidents in the U-S.

What happened in minnisota is despicable. The officer who kneeled on the head of George Floyd should be in prison for life for what he did. Same goes for the other officers who failed to do their job. Hopefully, justice prevails. My heartfelt condolences go out to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends.

As for the actual protests across the country, many were peaceful and engaging their agenda to combat racism. But there were other people who decide to degrade the cities and businesses by trashing and looting, all because of the death of George Floyd.

Folks, that doesn’t sound honourable when people steal and assault in homage to George Floyd. What it has done is putting a nasty scar on the Black Lives Matter movement. This is also a disgrace to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr message about the civil rights movement, citing his non-violence approach.

Now, I’m not going to lecture on this particular matter of race that I don’t have extensive knowledge on, and that is African-American history. It’s an interesting topic to digest, but will explore the extent with due process.

What I do know is racism affects all race, religion, gender, or sexuality. It’s a poisonous topic that shouldn’t be overlooked, nor shrugged under the rug.

To combat racism, especially with the matter of what we all seeing right now, we all need to educate and install empathy and compassion to combat racism. Some of the major media, certain politicians and enemies have diverge on this important topic and mixed it with distasteful rhetoric for the general public to view – citing fearmongering.

I believe this is the time to educate ourselves and engage on this conversation of racism. Especially here in Canada, where we have an ingregious track record with indigenous peoples. What happened generations and today (including what occurred last week in Toronto) is unacceptable.

I have friends who are of multiple nationalities, and religions. Never had an issue with them based on the mentioned. There were a couple of times in the past that accidentally used a slur, but took pride of myself to better understand the kinds of remarks I shouldn’t say.

This is the time to be positive, not be derogative. Educate yourself on racism, for the sake of humanity.